Keser Shem Tov

Bringing Chinuch To Life

Keser Shem Tov is an alternative learning program that is designed to tap into and support the natural talents of young people. We provide productive alternative learning options to Yeshiva High School for Jewish teens.

אין אדם לומד אלא במקום שלבו חפץ

A person only learns in a place that his heart desires

Who is the Keser Shem Tov Program for?

  • Teens who are bright, but bored at school.

  • Teens whose strengths lie in areas such as hands-on skills, the arts, outdoor skills or creativity and are yearning to be able to express their passions.

  • Teens who are seeking a deep sense of belonging in an environment where they will feel welcome, with rich mentorships, deep peer relationships, and a strong sense of community.

  • Teens who are facing medical or emotional challenges that require time and space for them to be able to manage.

  • Teens who find the structure of a traditional school setting stifling and who need a model that provides less pressure and more flexibility in their lives.

  • Teens who thrive when actively learning areas of their own interest and passion, at their own pace and in their own way.

"כשם שאין פרצופיהם שווים, כך אין דעותיהם שוות"

Just as the appearance of each individual differs from one another, so too the personality of individuals differ from one another.

(Berachos 58a)


The Keser Shem Tov Learning Program recognizes the unique nature of each and every Jewish child. We aim to give each child in our community his or her own opportunity to find success in ways that make sense for the individual, be they in or out of the traditional yeshiva setting, and regardless of their personal history. Through alternative learning models and the development of a deep sense of belonging and community, Keser Shem Tov members are supported in pursuing their own unique path forward in developing into productive members of the Jewish community.


Our approach is based on the idea that children are natural learners and that they learn best when they are invested in the learning process. When children, supported by a community of adults, are given the opportunity to explore their areas of interest and to express their natural talents, they are equipped to build their sense of self and actualize their potential. By giving students the opportunity to direct their own learning, they build the tools needed to develop into proud, productive members of the Jewish community.


Full Program

Children enrolled in the full Keser Shem Tov program have the opportunity to spend their day pursuing learning of all sorts. They meet regularly with mentors and have time to spend with peers and advisors while being guided in developing the best path for them.

Coop Program

This program is designed for students who are enrolled in yeshiva and would like to enrich their learning with Keser Shem Tov learning opportunities. We work with yeshivas to created the learning opportunities to fit the needs of all students.


Keser Shem Tov staff is available on a one time basis to discuss and help guide children and families who are looking into alternative learning opportunities.