Torah, Avodah, Gemilut Chassadim


We believe that Torah learning is a most wonderful gift that we can give to our children, and we aim to do so in ways that are loving, warm, joyous, and non-coercive.

A number of values are stressed in order to allow each child to find their way in Talmud Torah.

  • Keviat Itim L'Torah - Set times for learning

Central to our lifestyle is the principle that Torah learning should have a place in our daily schedule each and every day. Whether it be attending a class or chabura, reading a book, learning with a parent, sibling, friend, mentor, shul Rabbi, or someone else, spending time learning each and every day is of central importance to what we do.

  • Makom Shelibo Chafetz - Passion-Based Learning

Students are encouraged to have one Torah learning project in an area of learning that excites them. Guided by advisers, children can choose a topic and receive direction as to how to best learn and explore the subject. Students are encouraged to master primary texts related to their topic and to present their learning to others. This includes hands-on as well as textual learning.

  • Knowledge and Literacy:

Students are encouraged to build skills in the mastery of primary texts and authentic Torah learning whenever possible. Through individual and group learning experiences and programs, we aim to give them the skills and confidence needed to advance in their learning.

Basic knowledge, such as fluency in reading important texts and recognition of the Jewish lifecycle and "inyana d'yoma" topics, is central to our program. Students may opt to take a series of tests to assure their basic knowledge of core Jewish ideas. Students learn at a pace that works for them, either independently or with the guidance of an adviser or other adult.



Each student will choose his engagement in Tefilla based on what is best for them at the time, always with an eye towards growth and an aim towards full, active participation in davening. Part of the advisory and mentorship programs will focus on consistent growth in this area. Students may choose to daven in a local Shul, a group, or at home. They will work with their advisers to develop their own programs, depending on their own level at that time. This is a non-coercive program aimed at giving each child the tools and room they need to grow in this area.

Self Actualization:

A central part of serving Hashem is dependent on developing a true sense of self. Through activities that promote service to the community and self-development, we give a child a sense of belonging and meaning to their life. We believe that children should spend time developing their passions and engaging in social and recreational activities; such engagement is a central part of their natural development, which is necessary to grow their spiritual connection with Hashem.

Gemilus Chasadim

Community Service Learning is an essential part of the child's finding a place and role in the community. Keser Shem Tov staff works to form community partnerships and to find our members opportunities for community service that allow them to give to others in ways that are genuine and that express their personal strengths. These activities are an essential part of our program, and we encourage students to be innovative, creative, and generous with their time to enhance their communities in ways that suit them best.